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What is a Gayatri mantra


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What is a Gayatri mantra


Generally, a song has highest attraction than a poem or a statement. The attraction increases gradually from statement to poem to song. Therefore, any song related to God that attracts your mind to the highest order and makes you repeat it again and again is called as Gayatri Mantra. Hence, it is said that Gayatri is the highest mantra. It means that the prayer of God in the form of a song is the highest attraction.


But, people have misunderstood the actual sense and are thinking that a specific hymn related to God constructed in a specific meter called Gayatri is the highest. The hymn is not sung at all. It is simply recited. It is Gayatri because it is in the meter called Gayatri. But that is not the actual sense of Gayatri. Gayatri means any song related to God that attracts your mind. God told that He is always attracted by the song than prose and poetry (Vedaanaam saamavedosmi…).


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