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Real meaning of Gayatri


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Real meaning of Gayatri

Prose is called as the Yajurveda. Poetry is called as the Rugveda. Song is called as the Saamaveda. The verbal meaning of Gayatri actually means the song that protects you (Gaayantam traayate). It can be any song since you may like some song and some other may like some other song. Both songs are Gayatri since both protect you due to the reason that they are related to God. If the song is related to the human beings or the subjects of the human beings or to nature, it cannot protect you since the song is related to creation but not related to the creator. However, if the song describing the creation hints the greatness of the creator directly or indirectly, it can also be Gayatri. But, the description of nature or the subjects of human beings need not hint the creator always to everybody.


A row of white swans was flying below the blue sky. Several people gazed that scene with excitation resulting from the beauty of the scene. But, nobody thought about the creator through that scene. Only Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was excited by that scene and became unconscious thinking about the creator of the scene. Therefore, any song related to even worldly affairs can become Gayatri Mantra, if you can apply that song directly or indirectly to the God.


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