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God in human form-Money and you ,Shri Chakra


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God in human form-Money and you ,Shri Chakra

The strongest bonds and God


The Shri Chakra contains the central point, which stands for Shri, which means money or wealth. It contains three upward triangles and three downward triangles interlocked with each other giving rise to several external and internal small triangles. The upward triangles stand for justified selfishness and the downward triangles stand for unjust excessive selfishness. A triangle indicates a triangular fight between three entities.


The first entity is yourself. The second entity is the other human being bonded to you. The third entity is the God in human form. The three triangles stand for the three strong bonds or eshanas. Your bond with yourself, your wife and your child are the three strongest bonds.

Dhareshana is the strongest bond with your wife. Putreshana is the strongest bond with your child. The third bond is with the money leaving the above two bonds (Dhaneshana), which naturally means yourself.


If you store money without using for any other human being, it means that you are storing it for yourself only. The upward triangles indicate the justified bare needs in these three bonds. The downward triangles indicate the unjust lavish needs in these three bonds. The other small triangles indicate the bonds with the other relatives resulting from these three bonds. The parents result from the bond with yourself. The parents-in-law result from your wife or husband. The daughter-in-law and son-in-law result from your issues. Like this, other relatives stand in the small triangles.


In every triangle, you stand in one corner, God in human form stands in the other corner and some human being bonded with you stands in the third corner. The central point, which is Shri, rotates between the three corners. The downward triangles denote the competition of God with other human bonds for the sake of excess of wealth. The upward triangles denote the competition of God with other human bonds even for the minimum needed wealth. The essential meaning of the entire Shri Chakra is only the competition of God in human form like Krishna with the other human bonds to test Gopikas for the wealth required for the basic and extra needs. Therefore, Shri Chakra denotes the play of Lord Krishna with Gopikas and other human beings for the sake of the central point, which is the butter or money or wealth. Therefore, Shri Chakra indicates the concept of salvation of sages granted by the Lord after the test related to money or wealth.


What is the use of the daily worship of Shri Chakra without understanding its basic message? The first criterion of the knowledge should be truth as said in the Veda (Satyam Jnanam…). But, truth is always inconvenient to anybody. What I say is that, you accept the true knowledge in theory at least now so that either sometime in this birth or in some future birth, you can implement the true knowledge in practice and reach the goal. If you accept the false knowledge and implement it even now itself, there will be no use of it since you will go away from the goal by false knowledge at anytime.



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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