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O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

[February 13, 2011] People think that Philosophy is totally theoretical subject. This is a total misunderstanding because Philosophy is totally a practical subject. Engineering, medicine etc., involve both theory and practical, whereas history etc., involve only theory. Practice alone yields the fruit. Of course, theory is the mother of the practice. Theory is transformed into practice. Therefore, theory is the cause and practice is the effect. In between theory and practice, the power of transformation or inspiration is the devotion.


Therefore, theory or knowledge (Jnana Yoga) is transformed into practice or service (Karma Yoga) with the help of the emotion or inspiration or the force of transformation (Bhakthi Yoga). In general, theory is called as Jnana and if it is related to God, it is called as Jnana Yoga. Similarly, the inspiration in general is called as Bhakthi and if it is related to God, it is Bhakthi Yoga. Service in general is Karma and if it is related to God, it is called as Karma Yoga. Jnana is like water, Bhakti is like fertilizer and Karma is like the plant that alone yields the fruit with the help of water and fertilizer. The word Yoga denotes the special fortune in achieving God in human form.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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