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Special fortune in achieving God in human form is Yoga.


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Special fortune in achieving God in human form is Yoga.

Achievement of God in human form alone can make your service real


God in the form of a photo or statue can be easily achieved in any shop and that cannot be even fortune, not to speak as special fortune. The reason for this difference is that the service done to statue or photo cannot be real and the sacrifice in such service is totally false. If you offer food to the statue or photo, it does not eat even a trace of the food. You offer it and take it back as remains of offering (Prasada). But here, the total food [is] remained and nothing is eaten by the statue. Therefore, you cannot call it as remains after offering. Hence, achievement of God in human form alone can make your service real and the sacrifice in such service alone can become true.


Of course, this does not mean that offering food to statue or photo of God is wrong. Such offer can develop the theoretical devotion in you, which is the mother of real service in the future. People should not die with theoretical devotion only till the end of their lives. They should understand the significance of the photo or statue, which is always in the human form. People are remaining in such theoretical devotion only throughout their lives because they fear for the real service. Such people always dislike the concept of contemporary human incarnation. The theoretical devotion is always convenient, which hides their real practical sacrifice, greediness and selfishness. Hence, even if they accept the concept of human incarnation, they will always stick to the photos and statues of past human incarnations only. Such people misinterpret the spiritual knowledge to suit to their convenience.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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