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Amature Models Wanted


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Amature Models Wanted for an upcoming internet radio show website. All Races and Nationalities are welcome. Models will not receive payment but free exposure and promotion will be provided The following are the requirements of all models:

• Able to provide their own pictures

• Must be sexy and fit

• Must be between 18-25


If anyone is interested email Mrfuegobeats@gmail.com Submit pictures by February 15, 2011.

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Hi Fuego,

What is your address and telephone number? You do not want to miss out on me.


Hi Eva,


You can contact me at Mrfuegobeats@gmail.com I am looking forward to see what I can't miss out on.



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Guest Olla

Hi there=)

My name is Olla, I'm 18 and I'm Ukrainian. I love being on pictures and I usually hear that I'm cute, so I'd like to know more about the work you offer and your requests.


Live my contacts





and here's the page you can find me



Hope to hear from you soon)

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