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USraeli ships are sailing in M.E Waters without sailors

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

USraeli camels are walking headless in the Middle East!

In order to implement unjust and illegal policies, the USraelis have depended on a string of corrupt, mostly aging Arab autocrats, against the will of their respective people. The Israeli war crimes in Gaza in 2008, their attack on Lebanon in 2006 and the use of prohibited weapons against civilians (see Goldstone report) went unpunished. In both of above recent wars the US and its allies continued to supply Israel with all types of weapons and financial aids. The illegal US-led war on Iraq and the destruction of Baghdad and the killing of its people did create a huge gap between the Arab Autocrats’ position supporting US crimes, and their people who have vehemently denounced them; but denied the freedom to express their views. As it is usual, the USraelis with their respective MOSSAD and CIA invested heavily on protecting the Arab dictators and undermining or liquidating the political opposition. The campaign to divert attention to the dangers, not of Israel massive stockpile of Nuclear Weapons, but to Iranian Nukes did little to help. Furthermore, the US tacit support for Israeli atrocities against Palestinians and the continued Israeli defiance of UN Security Council Resolutions by building more settlements in the occupied territories had added to the grievances of Arabs from Morocco to Oman.

What is to be done?

In the past, the US depended on ruthless dictators and autocrats as long as they show their anti-communist credentials and looked the other way when basic human rights were violated. While the present US policy is to support Arab dictators as long as they accept Israeli atrocities and designs. Since the USraeli tactics and strategies have apparently failed, it is high time for the Whitehouse and the US Department of state to take a good look at the advice they have been receiving from mostly Jewish or pro-Jewish consultants and institutes of strategic studies. The likes of Tony Blair and Martin Indyk should be kept away from the corridors of decision making departments. There are 400 million Arabs living in 22 countries while there are less that five million Jews living in Israel. It is never in US long-term interest to arm, support and unleash Israeli dogs to savage the Arabs, while at the same time US corporations are signing huge military and oil deals with them. The Arabs are saying enough is enough with Israel, America and their agents in power. Therefore, major changes must be made as no window dressing will be sufficient or acceptable. The USraelis must take into consideration that CIA and MOSSAD dirty works, assassinations and ploys have become known to the Arabs.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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