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Sacrifice of money or wealth to God alone is sufficient for complete salvation


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Sacrifice of money or wealth to God alone is sufficient for complete salvation


God created money or wealth, which is the most wonderful item in this entire creation because all the worldly bonds are condensed in it. It is the essence of all the bonds in this world. Directly, it has no importance, but, indirectly it has highest importance since it covers all the needs of your life of yourself and your kith & kin. You can purchase even the food by which you can maintain the life. Therefore, it is the basis of all the basic needs and other needs of the life. In nutshell, it can be said as the essence of the entire creation. It is said to be the root of the entire tree of world (dhanamoola midam jagat). If the root is cut the entire tree will fall. The tree indicates the world and its branches indicate various bonds of the world. The main stem indicates your bond with your body and your life. Thus, it is the most wonderful item of the creation of God in which the entire creation is condensed.


Shri chakra means the whirlpool of money in which the entire world is revolving. Shri yantra means the money, which controls the entire world. Without realizing this real significance, ignorant people are worshipping blindly the metallic plates on which the shri chakra or shri yantra is drawn. If the concept is not realized, everything is blind deep darkness only. Even if the significance is realized, people reject it because they do not like the inconvenience of the concept. Therefore, Veda says that the sacrifice of money or wealth alone is sufficient for the complete salvation (dhanena tyagenaikena...). Salvation means liberation from worldly bonds.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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