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Krishna cut the bonds of Gopikas for their liberation


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Krishna cut the bonds of Gopikas for their liberation


Lord Krishna started testing Gopikas in his childhood itself by stealing their wealth, which was milk, curd and butter only. By selling these items, their livelihood was earned. It is the fruit of their hard work (karma phala) because they do hard work in serving the cows. The butter is the essence of their wealth. They do not have other forms of currency as we have today. All their currency was only milk, curd and butter, which were stored in the pots. Those pots were their banks. The Lord straightly attacked their wealth, which was their basic livelihood. Most of the Gopikas were angry with the Lord. Their anger was reinforced because the Lord is having sufficient milk, curd and butter in His house.


You can tolerate if a poor man steals in your house. But, if a person richer than yourself by many times steals in your house, your anger will touch the climax. Only a few Gopikas were happy about the theft of the Lord in their houses. Only such Gopikas passed the test and were blessed by the Lord. They loved the Lord more than their lives and hence, they were not angry when their livelihood was stolen. In fact, this point was proved further by their jump into fire on hearing the end of the Lord.


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