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Determination to sacrifice wealth for the sake of God


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Determination to sacrifice wealth for the sake of God


The extent of the determination to sacrifice wealth for the sake of God is one important angle. Another important angle is the recognition of human form of God, who enjoys your sacrifice. Devotees, who are matured in both these angles are very very rare. You may be well versed in the first angle, but you will fail in the second angle. The sages in the forest were in the climax of the first angle. Sharabhanga, a sage, sacrificed his life for the sake of God, but could not recognize Rama (then human incarnation) as the human incarnation of God. Instead of sacrificing his body in the fire alter, he should have sacrificed his life in participating the war between Rama and Ravana.


Similarly, people recognize the human form of God, but are unable to sacrifice anything for the sake of God. Dhrutarashtra recognized Krishna as God, but could not donate even five villages begged by the Lord for the sake of Pandavas. The failure in the second angle is mainly due to repulsion with the common co-human form. The ego and jealousy are the two layers that cover the two eyes of any devotee in recognizing the co-human form of the Lord. Unless you reach the climax of both these angles, you cannot succeed in your spiritual field (nivrutti).



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