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Unimaginable God Vs Energy


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Unimaginable God Vs Energy

Parabrahman Vs Brahman


Hiranyagarbha called as karyabrahman, is the first produced infinite cosmic energy in which the un-imaginable God is hidden. The cosmic energy is generated from the un-imaginable God, who is called as Karanabrahman or the root source of everything. Hiranyagarbha means the cosmic energy in which the gold is hidden. The word gold indicates the most valuable un-imaginable God. Garbha means hidden since God is not visible to imagination. Veda says that Hiranyagarbha is first born cosmic energy, which is the controller of the world (Hiranyagarbhah samavartataagre...). The cosmic energy generates the matter and the various forms of the world. Even the visible energy denoted by the word 'agni' is generated from the infinite cosmic energy. This infinite cosmic energy is the source, maintainer and dissolver of the entire world and can be called as Brahman. The original un-imaginable God is beyond this cosmic energy and should be called as Parabrahman.



This infinite cosmic energy is nothing but the infinite space or vacuum, which is only the most invisible energy. This infinite cosmic energy acts as the medium or body of the un-imaginable God. The father of the heaven is a limited energetic form in which also the same un-imaginable God exists. Since the un-imaginable God is beyond spatial dimensions, He can be present simultaneously in any no: of forms. Such limited energetic form can be called as Brahma, Narayana and Shiva. The embedded God in Hiranyagarbha is one and the same existing in the limited energetic form. The difference is only that the body of Hiranyagarbha is infinite whereas the body of the father of heaven is limited. This unlimited cosmic energy containing un-imaginable God is called as Jehovah/ Allah or karyabrahman.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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