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Indication of un-imaginable God through materialized human body


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Indication of un-imaginable God through materialized human body



Whenever you want to indicate the un-imaginable God, your finger cannot be directly put towards such un-imaginable God because He is un-imaginable. The un-imaginable God or karanabrahman is always indicated through the infinite cosmic energy acting as the medium or body of such un-imaginable God. For more convenience, you can even select the father of heaven with limited energetic body since the un-imaginable God existing in it can be also indicated by such limited energetic form. You will have the climax of convenience, if you indicate the un-imaginable God through the materialized human body of human incarnation since the same un-imaginable God exists in it also. Thus, the real point is that you need some medium, which may be energy or matter and which may be un-limited or limited to point out the un-imaginable God.


The same un-imaginable God exists in all these media and you need not differentiate one medium from the other as far as the aspect of indication of un-imaginable God by medium is concerned. Generally, the un-limited or limited energetic form is chosen to indicate the un-imaginable God because human beings have the natural repulsion towards a co-human form due to their ego and jealousy. The un-limited energetic medium and the limited energetic medium are called as Vishwaroopa and Narayana respectively. Therefore, Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva have taken the un-limited cosmic energy in which the un-imaginable God is hidden to refer the meaning of the word 'God'. They have also considered the limited energetic form of un-imaginable God representing the un-limited energetic form of God. Ramanuja and Madhva called such limited energetic form of un-imaginable God as Narayana whereas Shankara used the word Eshwara for the same father of heaven. The un-limited energetic medium was called as Brahman by all the three preachers, which is the Karyabrahman or Hiranyagarbha indicating the Parabrahman or un-imaginable God.


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