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God attains the imaginable form of meduim into which He enters


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God attains the imaginable form of meduim into which He enters


When the un-imaginable God enters a medium, He remains in His inherent un-imaginable form and at the same time attains the form of the medium also. But, the attainment of the form of the medium is by identifying Himself with that medium. The attainment is not real because God is not really transformed into that form of medium. When the current enters a metallic wire, the current is identified with the metallic wire because you can experience the property of the current at any part of the wire. This does not mean that the current is really modified or transformed into the metallic wire. The current is a stream of electrons and it remains in its inherent form, which is the stream of electrons. The metallic wire is a chain of crystals. The electrons are not transformed into crystals. But, the crystals are treated as electrons since the electrons are identified with the crystals.


Hence, the current has two forms: (1) its inherent form of stream of electrons and (2) its identified form of chain of metallic crystals. The current remains always in its inherent form. Since we can treat the metallic wire as current for all practical purposes, the current has apparently attained the form of metallic crystals. The identified form is only assumed reality and the inherent form is the actual reality.


Veda says that the un-imaginable God remaining in His inherent form attains the identified form of the medium also (Satcha tyatcha abhavat). The inherent form of the Absolute God is the un-imaginable nature. The identified form of the medium is the inherent form of the medium only and not the inherent form of God. Gita says that the un-imaginable God is not transformed into imaginable God at any cost (avyaktam vyaktimaapannam...).The un-imaginable God apparently attains the assumed form of the medium, which is the inherent form of the medium only. Since the medium is imaginable, the un-imaginable God becomes imaginable through the attained identified form of the imaginable medium.


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