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The entry of God into a medium


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The entry of God into a medium

Infering the un-imaginable God through imagianble medium

Veda says that the existence of un-imaginable God is experienced



All the words give the meanings of the processes taking place in the imaginable items of the imaginable creation. When we say that God entered a medium, the entry denotes the process of entry of an imaginable item into another imaginable item. Thus, when we say that the current entered the wire, it means the imaginable stream of electrons entered the visible chain of metallic crystals. The stream of electrons may be invisible to the unclothed eye but is visible through powerful microscope. The imaginable item may be visible or invisible. The invisible may become visible through powerful instruments or at least to the powerful analytical logic.


But, the un-imaginable is always invisible even to the most powerful analytical faculty. When we give this example as simile to the entry of God into a medium, the process of entry is not exactly valid because it is the entry of un-imaginable item (God) into imaginable entity. Since there is no second un-imaginable item, we cannot give the exact simile to the entry of un-imaginable God.


Since the existence of the un-imaginable God is inferred through the un-imaginable events, we are inferring the entry of God into that medium. By the experience of the un-imaginable event, un-imaginable has not become imaginable. Only the existence of un-imaginable nature is experienced. If the existence is also not experienced, we have no authority to say that un-imaginable God exists. Therefore, Veda says that the existence of un-imaginable God is experienced, which is very essential and required as a proof for the existence of un-imaginable God (Asteetyeva…). Similarly, since we are experiencing the un-imaginable nature throughout the medium, we are assuming the probable pervasion of un-imaginable God all over the medium.


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