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By wasting money you are displeasing God


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By wasting money you are displeasing God


You are either wasting most of your wealth or donating it to the un-deserving people. You are under the illusion that you are pleasing God. You do not know that God is becoming more and more furious with you. You are wasting ghee and other materials by burning them in fire during rituals. The word 'fire' is misunderstood as the physical fire created by burning the wood. Such physical fire is only called as 'Yajnasadhanam', which means that it is the instrumental item used in the sacrifice since it is used in cooking the food. The hunger of a deserving person is the divine fire called as 'Vaishwanara agni', which is to be worshipped by supplying the food associated with ghee [Aham vaishwanaro bhutvaa..Geeta].


The hunger of a deserving person is the deity-fire, which is divine since it should be worshipped by surrendering food to eat. Feeding a hungry deserving person is the worship of fire-deity. The fire is in three forms: [1] Physical fire prepared by wood [bhautikaagni or Laukikaagni], [2] fire in the form of electrical energy [Vaidyutaagni] and [3] hunger-fire of a deserving person, which is divine called as deity-fire [Vaishwanaraagni or Devataagni] .


While cooking the food, the first and second forms must be used and while worshipping, the third form should be selected. You should select the form of fire as per the context and then only you are the scholar of Veda. Veda means knowledge. You should do every step of the ritual with analytical knowledge [Jnaatvaa kurvita..Geeta]. Sage Yaska says that if you do the ritual without the knowledge, you will not get the fruit and it will be like cooking the food without fire [Anagnauviva..]. The fire given in the simile by Yaska itself is misunderstood!



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