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Priests are exploiting the weakness of the devotees


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Priests are exploiting the weakness of the devotees

Veda says that all the angels reside in the body of the priest, who is the scholar of the correct Vedic knowledge [Yaavatirvai..].The priests are exploiting the weakness of the devotees, which is the desire to fulfill their ambitions through rituals. The ignorant priest is doing all this foolish act to earn some money from the devotees. The devotee, instead of getting the good fruit is punished in the hell for burning the ghee and other materials in the physical fire.


The priest is also severely punished in the hell and since he is the initiator of this sin, he is punished with poverty also in this life itself. The essence of all Vedic rituals in only to save the life of humanity suffering with hunger. The entire aim is misinterpreted and is mislead leading the devotees to hell. Lord Krishna asked the wives of sages to give food to his friends suffering with hunger even before the ritual thereby establishing the actual aim of the ritual, which is only to feed the hungry people.


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