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The real meaning of mediation


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The real meaning of mediation

The knowledge of God alone generates the meditation


Surya asked Swami “ Some people are asking about the necessity of the preacher (Guru) since we can meditate upon God directly as Buddhists practice it.”


Swami replied --- People are using the word ‘Meditation’ without knowing its exact concept. The word meditation means the intensified interest upon God. The interest on any item is generated by the knowledge of details of that item. Therefore, the knowledge of God alone generates the meditation. Knowledge cannot be obtained from scriptures directly without proper preacher. You cannot obtain the correct knowledge from books without going to the class room in which the teacher explains the knowledge present in the text book in a proper way. You cannot read the textbook straightly and obtain correct knowledge without the classroom and teacher.


The knowledge also covers the other two aspects apart from the goal, which is God. The other two aspects are the concept about yourself and the concept about the correct path to please God. The knowledge becomes complete only when all the three aspects are correctly explained. The meditation is not the concept about the path to please God. It only means your interest about the details of the goal. After receiving the details about God, you will be interested in God. When this interest becomes very strong, it is called as meditation.


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