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The silence of Buddha- the secret

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The silence of Buddha- the secret


Buddhists misunderstood Buddha by taking His silence for negation. The silence of Buddha about God was misunderstood and Buddhists felt that Buddha indicated the absence of God through silence. When you have concluded that God does not exist at all, then, what is the object of your meditation? If you say that the self is the object, there is no benefit in taking interest about yourself since you are always interested in yourself.

Your interest on yourself is natural and spontaneous and there is no need of any effort for it. By such meditation you are not going to be blessed by yourself. Yourself is a part of the creation and is not the creator who, is beyond the creation. Veda says that one bird on the tree is eating the substance of the tree and other bird is shining without eating it (Dvaa suparnaa..). This is the context of human incarnation in which it is said that the human body is the tree, one bird is the individual soul and the other bird is unimaginable God.


The human bird is a part of the creation. The soul is eating the substance of the human body or creation. This means that the creation, human body and the soul are made of the same common component, which is the inert cosmic energy. Since space is energy, the soul, human body and creation have spatial dimensions. The unimaginable God is not eating and this means that the unimaginable God is beyond energy or space. Therefore, there is no use when the soul, which is a part of cosmic energy meditates upon itself or even upon the entire infinite cosmic energy, which is this entire creation. There will be any use if the soul meditates upon the creator, who is beyond the cosmic energy.


But, you may say that meditation upon unimaginable God is impossible. We agree to this point and the solution is to meditate upon the contemporary human incarnation with which you can directly interact. Otherwise, you can meditate upon any item of the creation as a representative model of the unimaginable God, but you cannot directly interact with God through this way.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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