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Shankara stressed on self analysis just to avoid grief


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Shankara stressed on self analysis just to avoid grief


Shankara advised meditation upon self, which means the deep analysis about self. The human being is under the illusion that the human body consisting of matter and energy is self. Shankara removed the concept of matter and concluded that self is only a bit of cosmic energy in essence. In fact, since matter and space are also different forms of cosmic energy, the self becomes a part of continuous ocean of cosmic energy only. In such situation the self cannot be isolated and hence the finite itself becomes the infinite ocean of cosmic energy.


The word Brahaman used by Shankara denotes only this continuous infinite cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is the source, controller and dissolver of the entire creation consisting of various materialized forms. This picture concludes that all the materialized forms are unreal in absolute sense and removes all the worldly bonds and the subsequent grief.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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