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The fall of Hindu religion


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The fall of Hindu religion

People follow ritual due to fear


Hindu religion is very fortunate that it is built up by ancient learned sages, who analyzed the philosophy to the climax and hence every concept is enlightened by the radiance of deep spiritual knowledge. This point was true in the past when Sanskrit language was the mother tongue of everybody so that whenever the scripture, Veda, in the form of Sanskrit hymns was recited, everybody understood it clearly. By this, every ritual was a revision of the spiritual concepts. Thereby the spiritual knowledge was strengthened repeatedly. But, today what is the position of this greatest religion? The Sanskrit hymns are recited in every ritual as usual.


Neither the reader nor the audience, understand the meaning of the scripture even once. It is a blind recitation of sounds in Greek and Latin. Everybody is continuing the ritual with the fear that if the ritual is not performed, there may be negative results in the present worldly life and also in the life after death in the upper world. There is no interest in ritual since knowledge is absent and the driving force of the ritual is only fear. Due to this unfortunate situation, people are not even listening those sounds uttered by the priests and become busy in other activities.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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