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People are neglecting God during rituals


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People are neglecting God during rituals

For example, when the ritual of the marriage is going on, nobody even listens the sounds uttered by the priests even for fraction of minute because nothing is understood. Everybody is busy in other activities and conversations during the ritual. Can there be more unfortunate thing than this?


All the hymns are speaking something about God. You are neglecting that means that you are neglecting God. Can there be more insult than this to God? Can you expect even a trace of grace of God from such ritual? The climax of misfortune is that even the priest, who is reading the scripture is unaware of the meaning. Do you find anybody who speaks something and does not understand the meaning of what he speaks and even the listener does not understand it? Even the birds and animals understand the meaning of the sounds generated within themselves. But here is the peculiar situation where even the human beings, who developed beautiful communication through systematic languages speak and listen some sounds without serving the real purpose of communication! By this, Hinduism, which was in the top position in the past is now in the lowest position.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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