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Scripture should be recited knowing the meaning


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Scripture should be recited knowing the meaning

Managements of temples should rectifiy this


The sage Yaska said that the scripture recited without knowing the meaning is totally waste and will not give any result. The scripture also says that you should recite and also know the meaning (Adhyetavyo Jneyashcha). In fact, the first word ‘Adhyetavyo’ means actually knowing the meaning only according to Sanskrit grammar and hence recitation is not meant. Since you have forcibly super imposed the recitation as the meaning of the first word (Rudhi). The second word ‘Jneyashcha’ is introduced to negate the superimposed meaning of the first word. In fact, the very meaning of Veda is to know the meaning and it means knowledge of the scripture and not blind recitation.


All the managements of the temples should come forward to rectify this unfortunate mistake that cropped up the Hindu religion. They should patronize the students to learn the meaning of the scripture and should discourage the blind recitation. They should also support the propagation of Sanskrit language in the Hindu public so that the people will understand at least the basic meaning of the scripture without translation by the priest and the priest may be involved in the elaborate explanation of the scripture. If this is done, God will be pleased to maximum extent since God Himself is the author of Veda. If this fundamental mistake is rectified, there is no need of propagation of spiritual knowledge since every priest propagates the spiritual knowledge in every ritual. This should be the primary activity of the temple. The next activity of temples should be to help the beggars and poor people and to adopt discrimination of poor and rich in the devotees while serving the devotees with the funds. If this is done God will be very much pleased with the managements of the temples.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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