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Omnipotence-the real meaning


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Omnipotence-the real meaning

To achieve the knowledge and control of everything, God need not be present everywhere

God does not want to confuse the people as far as possible


You can use the point of omnipotence in this aspect of creation of a different thing other than God by God without the pre-existence of a second thing. Now, the sin is not God and hence the sin will be punished. Similarly, you need not say that God entered every part of creation. In such case, there should be something other than God for the process of entry. If there is nothing different from God, the process of entry is meaningless since there is only one God and God cannot enter God. Veda speaks about the entry of God in to creation (Tadavanupravishat..). In such case, Veda becomes false. If only God exists even after the creation, God cannot enter Himself. If there is God in everything, God exists in the sinner also and the punishment of sinner results in the punishment of God. People bring the concept of existence of God in everything so that God is aware of everything (Omniscient) and controls everything due to His omnipresence. To achieve the knowledge and control of everything, God need not be present everywhere.


He can know and control everything through His omnipotence. Even a king, who is not omnipotent, knows and controls everything in his kingdom. Therefore, when we say that God entered the entire cosmic energy in the case of formation of Hiranyagarbha, it only means that God exists as milk in vessel. The vessel only contains the milk and milk is not pervading all the walls of vessel. If God pervades the entire cosmic energy, He will be present even in a sinner.


Therefore, the point of omnipotence should be used in proper place and in proper angle so that there will not be confusion in the minds of the people. God will follow the rules of worldly logic only as far as possible so that people can understand Him and His actions easily. He does not want to confuse the people as far as possible by using His omnipotence everywhere as He likes. He uses the power of omnipotence only in a rare place, when it becomes inevitable.


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