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Yoga should be used to achieve Contemporary human incarnation


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Yoga should be used to achieve Contemporary human incarnation


The word ‘DATTA’ actually means that God is given to the human beings by Himself through human form in every human generation. If the yoga (achievement of God in human form) is not achieved in this human life, such opportunity maybe even impossible in the future births. Such fortunate attainment is the real meaning of yoga and without knowing this, people are wasting time in breathing exercises and other physical exercises. Of course, such exercises are also good for the mental and the physical health of the body, which is essential in the service of God in the human form. A sick and weak person cannot serve God. Hence, yoga starts with such achievement of good health and this preliminary state is included in the beginning of yoga. Control of mind and senses also helps to attain good health. But, if you stop yoga after attaining good health, it is only a topic of medical science and not spiritual knowledge.


This state is like passing the entrance examination to achieve a seat in a professional college. The career is not stopped by simply joining the professional college. You have to put hard work in getting a distinction in the professional degree to achieve the final fruit. Such professional degree or the latter part of yoga starts with the recognition of alive human form of God and serving it.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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