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You should know that God cannot be known


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You should know that God cannot be known


Veda also says that God is un-imaginable, who is beyond words, mind, intelligence and logic and hence God alone knows God (Brahmavit Brahmaiva...). You should know that God cannot be known (Yasyaamatam…). But such God enters the world through a medium (Tadevaanu Praavishat...) and God becomes that medium while keeping His separate identity of His real form (Satchatyatcha...). Therefore, the essence of the Veda is very clear that the absolute God is un-imaginable, He enters a human being as a medium for the sake of preaching knowledge and He remains in His original form and at the same time gets identified with the human form also.


The second authority is ‘Smruti’, which is, the text written by sages consisting of the three great epics dealing with the human incarnations like Rama and Krishna. The third authority is reasoning, which is already taken up from the beginning of this message. The logical analysis always helps to get the correct interpretation of both ‘Shruti’ and ‘Smruti’. The fourth authority is the experience of divine scholars. Hanuman is the greatest scholar, who learnt all the scriptures from the sun. Gopikas are also the incarnations of great sages, who are the greatest scholars of the scriptures. Both Hanuman and Gopikas worshipped the contemporary human incarnations only and not the statues of energetic forms of God or the past human incarnations. Hanuman never worshipped the statues of past human incarnations like Parashurama and Vamana or the statues of energetic forms like Shiva and Vishnu. Similarly, gopikas did not worship the statues of Rama or the statues of Vishnu and Shiva. Therefore, all the four authorities clearly indicate that human beings should worship the human form of God only for the salvation.


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