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Energetic Form of God Vs Human form of God


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Energetic Form of God Vs Human form of God

Energetic form of God is irrelevant and human form of God is relevant for the human beings


The energetic forms of God are meant only for the energetic forms of departed souls in the upper worlds. It is not the question of right and wrong, but it is a question of relevance and irrelevance. We do not say that the energetic form is wrong for human beings. We only say that the energetic form is irrelevant and human form of God is relevant for the human beings. When you worship the energetic forms, you have to either concentrate on the imagined form in mind, which is very difficult or you have to worship the statue of the energetic form. We cannot serve the imagined form. In the case of a statue, the service becomes waste. But, if you take the human form of God, all your service is enjoyed by God and becomes fruitful.


The only obstruction to the alive human form of God is the ego and jealousy towards a co-human form. You may accept the concept of human incarnation, but, if your ego and jealousy are not completely eradicated, you will worship only the statues of past human incarnations only and not the present alive form of God. Thus, for a human being, everything is concentrated on the contemporary human incarnation only.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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