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You will be severely tested by the God in the human form


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You will be severely tested by the God in the human form


The next point is that you should serve the human incarnation in any state of worldly life since Hanuman served Rama, who was a householder. Rama exhibited His blind love towards His wife by running after golden deer in spite of the warning from Lakshmana. Rama showed His blind love towards His wife on another occasion also by saying that He will go back without killing Ravana if His wife was returned back to Him. This showed that Rama was not bothered about the atrocities of Ravana that would continue after returning Sita.


This showed that He was not interested in the welfare of the world and was only interested in His wife. Hanuman did not misunderstand Rama in such situation. Rama felt unconscious, when He was hit by Nagaastra and Hanuman got Him relieved by bringing Garuda from Heaven. Even after this, Hanuman did not mistake Rama as an ordinary human being. All this shows that you will be severely tested by the God in the human form regarding your faith in Him.


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