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1st type of people who are in Pravrutti


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1st type of people who are in Pravrutti


The first type are those, who feel pravrutti itself as God. They feel that discharging pravrutti perfectly itself is the salvation. They feel that discharging the worldly duties itself is God and say ‘work is worship’.


They should be appreciated because by discharging the duties for family, they are not disturbing the balance of the society, which also pleases God. The balance of the society is the basis for nivrutti. Such people are far better than demons, who disturb the balance of society by achieving some powers from God.


They are failures in nivrutti. A pass in the lower class, pravrutti, is better than a failure in the higher class, nivrutti. A first rank student in the school is honored with gold medal and a failure in P.G at university is scolded by the teacher. For this first type of people, Rama stands as the ideal example. Rama never entertained the spiritual path in His entire life. He behaved like a Roman in Rome.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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