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2nd type of people who concentrates on nivrutti


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2nd type of people who concentrates on nivrutti


The second type of people concentrates on nivrutti only. They are the saints. They never entertain pravrutti. They feel the family life as an obstruction. For this type, Hanuman stands as the best example. This section of people concentrates on Absolute God, who is unimaginable. You cannot even think or imagine the Absolute God and how can you concentrate or meditate upon such Absolute God? This section of people should learn from Hanuman, who is also a saint and perfectly diverted to nivrutti only.


Hanuman caught the contemporary human incarnation and served Him in the worldly matters. Hence, even the saints should catch the contemporary human incarnation and serve Him even in the worldly matters. Hanuman, a bachelor, remaining unmarried to please God, could please the God by serving Him in search of His lost wife! Hanuman never thought about the marriage but served Rama, who was weeping every minute for His lost wife! Therefore, the path of the saints is completely wrong (Avyaktaahi gatih… Gita) and they will end in unhappiness only. They should select the mediated God, especially the alive human form and should serve Him blindly without criticizing the state of God. God is God in any state like a diamond.


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