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Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Not Good For Bad Backs

Guest Colleen

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Guest Colleen

I have been getting pain in my lower back since I purchased my Tempur-Pedic. It has been quite unbearable. I have had trouble even walking. Now I was not sure it was coming from the Tempur-Pedic, until I left on a long vacation. I noticed the pains slowly going away. The mattress I was sleeping on during my vacation was latex. I knew this for sure when I got back home this week and started to get my back pains again.


I spoke with a salesperson at a local mattress store and he told me that he gets this problem all the time. The problem with Tempur-Pedic is that it gives too much. While a latex pushes back more. In short, I need a firmer bed.


So, now I am looking for a latex topper to put on my Temper-Pedic bed.

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Guest Celo

Totally agree. Firmer beds are almost the best for lower back. Since I purchased a firmer bed, my lower back pain when I wake up is at least 50% less.

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