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Guest Luke

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There is a small town "Okay medium sized town" that was experiencing a major financial melt down do to the economy as well as this administrations regulatory games.


Before I gave them the information that I do have on business there was one stipulation?


That not only do they share it with the business community, but also with everyone in the town.

They agreed, but I am not so naive to think that they would have kept their word with me.


So for added insurance I also gave the information to the libraries with in the town as well as the churches with the same stipulation of-course.


Last Time I heard they were digging themselves out with a fresh out look on life.


Not going to mention the town. No poiltics, not by my group nor the democrats.


Letting everyone else over there trying to figure out how in the hell are they are doing it.





I remember going with my dad to Poole Family Store after hiking on the canal.


The Poole family watched Saturday as an auctioneer took bids on bits and pieces of their life — once cherished, and now sold.



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Guest B. D.

I used to live across the street from Poole's Store in a house that is no longer there. On ground that is now owned by the park service. That was in around 1980.


I remember spending more time than money in that store...


How sad that it is no more!

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