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Ted Garber, one of Strathmore's 2010 Artists in Residence, will, like all of his fellow AIRS, give two performances at the Strathmore Mansion during his time in the program. But Garber, who describes his style as "BluesAmericanaRock," is the first participant to turn those shows into a live album.


The Strathmore AIR program, which began in 2005, connects artists with mentors and tasks them with creating an education program and performing new material at the Bethesda, Md., venue. Garber says it was one of his AIR mentors, Grammy-winning folk musician Cathy Fink, who came up with the idea to record his shows, which take place Jan. 12 and 26, and use them as the basis for a live recording.


"She said, 'You know it’s a shame, with the timing, that you won’t have a new album out,'" Garber says. "I’m still writing for another studio album to be released later this year, or early 2012, and my 2009 album [American Rail] is now just over a year old.“


“She put her hands to her lips and said, ‘What about a live album?’ I thought, well, gosh, that hadn’t occurred to me at all," Garber says.


He approached Strathmore and they were into it. “They loved the idea and gave me permission to use the title Live at the Strathmore, which is a great thing," he says.

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