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I wonder how many congressmen opt out of private healthcare for gov’t run healthcare. I guess we will never know. But they want to opt Americans out of Obamacare. It hard to sell that Americans who do not have healthcare, cannot afford healthcare, will not be accepted for coverage by private healthcare because of pre-existing illness, will not cover their 18 years old in college, have private healthcare and cannot afford to use it would oppose Obamacare that would give them all the above would want it appealed. 30 million plus of them.


Obamacare will create jobs because there will be 30 million people added to the healthcare system. Hospital and clinics will have to be built, furnished and staffed, medical supplies and pharmacy, building suppliers, maintenance, yard work, nurses, doctors, clerks and the list goes on and on creating jobs that will create more jobs. Most will be millions of government jobs with great benefits. And jobs put people to work, and people who work, spend and pay taxes.


People insured under Obamacare will save trillions in healthcare. It cost more to supply people with healthcare in the emergency room in stead of preventive healthcare under Obamacare.


The rhetoric, coming from the left, that most american want Obamacare appealed is as hard to sell as a beach front island in Death Valley.

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