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The SweatBox New Year's Eve White House 8 Hour Dance Party 10pm Friday Until 6am Saturday Morning- On WtnrRadio.com


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You bring revelers - We've got the Music.

The Best Dance on the net. The 8 Hour

New Year's Eve Dance Party Sweat Box onWTNRRADIO.COM

Sweat Box Friday's in 2011 10pm on wtnrradio


Set One Play list


1. Night is Young - Nelly Futado ‘Burn Vocal Remix’

2. Who’s That Chick David Guetta ft Rihanna ‘Radio Edit’

3. S & M - Rihanna

4. Raise Your Glass - Pink 'Liam Keegan Clean Remix'

5. Burns This Light Between Us ‘Album Version’ Armin Van Buuren ft Christian

6. Falling for You - Soulcatcher ft Amanda Wilson Gandg Remix Edit’

7. Where Do I Start ‘Chicane ‘Disco Citizen Rework’

8. OMG -Usher ft Will.I.Am

9. Without Breaking - Da Buzz ’Extended Mix’

10. Time of my Life - The Black Eyed Pea

11. Sex Clubs Friends (club naki) - Naksi Brunner ‘Yellow Gas Station Remix’

12. Deep Down - Chris Montana ft Inusa Dawuda ‘Lucas Teyes Rio Dela Mix’

13. Mundo Disko - Angel Max “Dr kucho Remix’

14. Palmito - Flash Brothers ‘Angello Remix’



Music For Music People'

The Sweat Box is produced by THE ZONE

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