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Eleven Eleven Looking For Street Team Members

Guest elevengtr11

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Guest elevengtr11

the band eleven eleven is looking for street team members across the US for further info go to www.eleveneleven.com or e-mail me. Thanks!


weaving dark themes through layers of melody and lyrics, eleven eleven is music for the rainy day that never stops. this philadelphia area band formed officially in this lineup in 2000 and creates music that forges on to the ears of "the different crowd." head is eleven eleven's latest full length release and is the follow-up to their 2003 EP the sunday grey. head is a clever presentation that borders on the edge of english pop ecstasy only to plummet lyrically into the greyest of days. lead singer guitarist jeff giuliani reflects a young robert smith (cure) with his vocal delivery and lyrics. influenced by texture geniuses like smith, johnny marr (the smiths) and kevin shields (my bloody valentine), jeff's guitar approach recalls an era where guitars had personality and tone. jeff met drummer rich franchetta while in the 2nd grade and has not been in a band without him since. rich cites john bonham as a major influence and lives in "the pocket" supporting all of the watery musical landscapes. will kesling, from cleveland ohio, followed on bass with influences ranging from jaco pastorius to guitar and vocal phenom jeff buckley. will supports the music with rich bass lines complimenting every aspect of the melody and exploring unchartered approaches to his instrument. eric mallon soon joined after with parts parts parts. eric chooses his parts from many different influences and rounds out the complete sound of eleven eleven. not afraid to experiment, he sometimes uses his instrument as anything but a guitar to get the right mood for the song.

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