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Krishna and Jesus were names – of same God in different tongues


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Blind fanatic conservative rigidity destroys the peace of society

Krishna and Jesus were names – of same God in different tongues


The blind fanatic conservative rigidity – of one’s own religion is

Leading to communal wars – destroying the peace of society.

Common sense and simple analysis – are sufficient to know truth.

Every religious fan says that – his God created this earth.

Unfortunately there is only – one earth and not many earths.

Religions are many with different Gods, - but, sorry, one earth only!

This clearly means that there is – only one God, names differ.

Then, one God should preach – one syllabus only to the earth.

Languages may be different, – but subject is one and the same.


God is impartial Father of all souls – existing on this one earth.

If you say that Krishna alone is God, – Gita alone is the path,

Those who followed Krishna only – are liberated, others to hell,

We fully agree, but one small doubt, - when Krishna came here,

India was disconnected with – other foreign countries for some time.

During that time, foreigners, - who died ignorant of Krishna

Went to hell and fault was not in them – they did not know Krishna

Due to fault of Krishna only, - if Krishna wished, all countries

Could have been linked on His – arrival to India simultaneously.


Having known Krishna, – if the foreigners did not follow Him,

Their hell is justified, – now Krishna becomes partial to India.

God is always impartial, – entire earth is His creation only.

All the souls on the earth – are issues of the same divine Father.

Partiality is not justified, - if you say India alone has good devotees.

It is also not true because – Kauravas opposed Him vehemently.

The only solution is that God came – to all countries simultaneously

In different names and preached – the same syllabus simultaneously.

This logic applies to all religions, – When Jesus came to Jerusalem,

India was disconnected for some time, – in that time some Indians

Went to hell for not following Jesus, - it was not their fault at all,

Jesus need not be partial to Jerusalem – containing good devotees

Only, since He was crucified by – the worst priests in Jerusalem.

The solution is that same God came – to India and Jerusalem.

Krishna and Jesus were names – of same God in different tongues.

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