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Is Eclipse has got any spiritual significance?


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Is Eclipse has got any spiritual significance?


Devotees asked Swami about the eclipse on this New Year Day.


Swami replied: The eclipse is of no divine nature because today science explains every thing about eclipse. It is a simile for a divine concept. Sun represents intelligence and moon represents mind according to Veda. Rahu and Ketu represent the dark shadow of ignorance by which both intelligence and mind are eclipsed. The pity of our unfortunate tradition is that the concept disappears immediately and the apparent simile always stands forever and in course of time becomes the concept. A broker described the bride as a rose flower (Metaphor and not simile).


The bride escaped with her lover on the day of marriage. The broker brought a rose flower and kept it in the place of bride because he told already that the bride is just a rose flower! Today the priests do not know even the meaning of the word Veda from which they recite the hymns. Even if they try to understand the meaning of the word Veda, they will stop the recitation. Veda means knowledge and not mere recitation of the words without knowing the meaning. The tradition has exploited this unfortunate situation also and tried to use it for the benefit of the uplift of ordinary human beings.


The ignorance of this situation is used to cause fear and the tradition tried to induce fear into the minds of ignorant people so that they will at least step into the spiritual field by fear. Once this spirit is realized, there is no need of these similes (Jnate karma na Vidyate..Gita). If your brain comes out of these worldly illusions through knowledge and devotion and if you are determined to serve the Lord, there is no meaning of any eclipse in your case.

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