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God can possess of any quality without being that quality


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God can possess of any quality without being that quality

God is associated with the awareness and not awareness


In the subject of unimaginable God, the unimaginable God alone can be the authority.You cannot say that the aspect of unimaginable is false since the unimaginable boundary of the Universe is a practical example. The entertainment of God does not fix God again as awareness. God can have any quality through His unimaginable capacity. God knows everything and hence, through the quality of knowing, you cannot fix God as awareness. God has the quality of the process of knowing through His unimaginable capacity without being awareness. Similarly, God can have the quality of entertainment without being any qualified and imaginable item of the creation like awareness. We have no objection to attribute any quality to God as long as you do not conclude God as the qualified imaginable item. He can be the possessor of any quality without being the worldly possessor of such quality, which is an imaginable item of the Creation. The unimaginable nature of God is never damaged by your logic of imaginable items of the Creation.


All the three spiritual preachers (Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva) said that God is awareness since He has the quality of knowing. This only means that God is associated with the awareness as the medium or Upadhi and does not mean that God is the imaginable awareness. Since God pervades the entire medium and gets identified with it as the current is identified with the wire, we can call God as the medium for all practical purposes. By this point, we can call God as awareness and this is only an assumption but not reality. This becomes necessary since the unimaginable God cannot be indicated even by the highest faculty of intelligence and imagination. If this point is stated, which is the absolute reality; there is a danger of mistaking the unimaginable God as non-existent.


Hence, all the Preachers stopped with God mediated by awareness and hence, treated God as awareness through assumption. However, the quality of knowing is related to the medium (awareness) only. Then, you should say that the quality of knowing is an associated characteristic of God only and not the inherent characteristic. However, if the confusion is not cleared by this explanation, it is always better to present the whole subject through a simple concept, which is that God has the quality of knowing through His unimaginable capacity of omnipotence. In this simple explanation, the quality of knowing can become the inherent characteristic of God through His capacity of unimaginable omnipotence and by this, the danger of mistaking God as awareness is ruled out.

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