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Purpose of God coming down in the human form


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God come down in the human form to give the original interpretation of scriptures

Purpose of God coming down in the human form

You must get the correct information to reach Delhi. The correct information will show you the right path to reach the goal. Here, the purpose of knowledge is over. From this point onwards, your effort is required. You may have the correct knowledge of the path, but unless you put the effort to walk, the goal is not reached. The true knowledge is given by the scripture. But, unfortunately wrong interpretations of the scripture exist in this world. Therefore, the correct interpretation with powerful explanation of the scripture is required. The correct interpretation is only known to the Author of the Scripture. Therefore, God, the Author of the Scripture, should come down in the human form as Preacher to give the original interpretation and clarify all your doubts to convince you with powerful and correct logic.


If God comes in any form other than human form, the preaching is not possible. Of course, God can preach you even in the form of a statue through His omnipotence. But, if that is done, you will be excited with tension and will not be able to receive the interpretation and will not be able to express your doubts in cool atmosphere. For this purpose only, God comes down in the human form as a Preacher so that you will treat Him as your co-human being and express your doubts freely to get correct clarification. Hence, [there is] the importance of contemporary human incarnation.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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