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Son of God will also get punishment if it does sins


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Son of God will also get punishment if it does sins

You may argue that the nearest and dearest soul in the human incarnation will never do sins after going to such highest stage of devotion. If that is the case, what is the reason for such sinful deed and subsequent punishment? There must be some divine purpose for such act even if you consider the soul in the human incarnation as purest. The soul must have done such act not for its own sake. It must have done to give some important message to the souls in the creation. The message must be that you may become nearest and dearest to God through top most devotion, [still] you will be punished for your sins. Devotion can never save you from sins.


The only way is real and permanent transformation of soul, which is achieved by true knowledge followed by special effort in implementing such true knowledge in practice. The soul in the human incarnation must have enacted this drama to give this true concept to the world. Whether the soul did the sin really or enacted the sin for the sake of message, it makes no difference as far as the need and truthfulness of the message given to the world is concerned. The final concept does not change in both the situations. Ravana was very near and dear to the Lord as the gate keeper in the previous birth, but he was also punished for his sins. The internal soul of human incarnation, Rama and the external soul, Ravana, were punished for their sins irrespective of their nearness and dearness to God.


This concept of sin and its remedy was told by Krishna in the Gita.

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