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Way to burn all the sins of past, present and future


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Way to burn all the sins of past, present and future

Krishna told that the true knowledge giving the correct direction followed by the effort of soul in implementation will burn all the sins of past, present and future (Jnanaagnih…, Abhyasenatu…). Jesus propagated this concept telling that if you confess and do not repeat the sins through surrender to God, all the sins will be excused. The priests of the church crucified Him, since the propagation of such true knowledge will affect their interests. The sinners come and donate to get their sins cancelled. The priests play important role in this process and get highest respect from the public.


The propagation of this truth will affect their business and respectful positions in the society. The priests of all the religions in the world are doing huge business based on this false concept only. In fact, these priests can earn more and can get more respect if they are based on the truth and propagate the true knowledge.


When the truth is propagated, the souls will get real benefit. The priests will be rewarded more and hence, should not object the propagation of the true spiritual knowledge under the false impression that their livelihood gets spoiled by the true knowledge.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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