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The ritual should be performed only on getting a deserving priest


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The ritual should be performed only on getting a deserving priest


If you view the right angle of the ritual, it is very useful. If the receiver deserves, the departed soul and doer of the ritual are benefitted. Therefore, the ritual should be performed only on getting a deserving priest. In the old generations, almost everybody was a deserving receiver. It was very difficult to get an undeserving receiver. But today, the situation is totally reverse. Now, it is very difficult to get a deserving receiver. Therefore, in all most all the present ceremonies, the undeserving receivers are rewarded. The result is that the departed soul is punished along with the doer of the ceremony.


It is said in Mahabharata that donation to undeserving is a sin. In performing the ceremony, you need not worry about the Vedic hymns recited by the priest. All the Vedic hymns are only prayers to God. The other Vedic statements are only descriptions of the steps to be taken in serving the deserving receiver. These statements need not be recited at all, if the service is done in practice. Instead of the Vedic prayers, you can pray God even in your mother tongue. God gives value to the devotion only and not to the language (Bhavagrahi Janardanah…). He can understand any prayer in any language since He is omniscient. Therefore, you have to concentrate on the deservingness of the receiver of your donation only and need not worry about other aspects like date of ceremony, language of prayers, steps of procedure of ritual etc.


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