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Demon Vs God


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Demon Vs God

The true attitude of a true devotee.

The demon is quite opposite to God. He is always using the superpower achieved by him in the wrong direction of fulfillment of his ego. He often exhibits the superpower and gets his ego satisfied. The devotee is always in search of superpower to use it for selfish problems. The devotee is like the ONGC (an oil company) engineer, who is in search of oil hidden in the soil to use it for the generation of power for the sake of using it in improving the facilities. The devotee appears good since the superpower is not found. Once the devotee finds the superpower and achieves it, he will misuse it like the demon. The devotee is always a hidden demon waiting for the opportunity.


A true devotee is never in search of superpower. He is always in search of God to surrender his power in service of God without any aspiration for the returns. He always feels that the power in him belongs to God and therefore should be surrendered to God in his service. He does not aspire anything in return because you are not aspiring anything in return while repaying the loan to the donor. This is the true attitude of a true devotee. You are not charging the donor for returning the loan given by him.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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