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Signs of a true preacher


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God will accept your offering if it is offered without any aspiration for returns

Signs of a true preacher


A true preacher also preaches the same true knowledge. He will say that the rupee (dollar) given by you to God will not return back to you with interest because you have not invested your energy in the service of God as loan to Him. In fact it is reverse. You have taken the energy from God as loan and in fact you should return it along with interest. At least you can use a little of it for your selfish ends and return back the huge balance to God. At the worst, you should return at least a little to God after using a huge amount for your selfish ends. Can we imagine the fate of the people, who do not return at least a little of the loan taken from God? The false preacher always propagates false knowledge to exploit the innocent people and get selfish benefits.


He says that you will get back the money multiplied by several folds, if you donate a little to God. He collects that little money for his selfish ends posing himself as the representative of God. People are exploited for their ambition of getting back the money in multiple form. The true preacher says that God has nothing to do with such business (naadatte kasyachit…Gita). He says that God will accept your offering in case it is offered without any aspiration for returns. He explains always the true concept without bothering about the returns in terms of business. Whether anything is given to him or not, he will not be concerned about it and spreads always the true knowledge, which may be liked or not by the people. If he gets something through the propagation of such knowledge, he will feel that it is given by God only through the medium of human beings and expresses his gratefulness to God.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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