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The way to attain the sate of God


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The way to attain the sate of God


According to Veda, God created this world for His entertainment and He is enjoying all the scenes of this creation. If you can enjoy all the incidents of your life in a similar way, you have attained the state of God and this is the monism (Advaita) preached by Shankara. Shankara told that the Lordship (Eshwara) is a myth (Mithya) in this context. This means that when God and the soul are enjoying the creation equally with continuous entertainment, there is no need of bringing the irrelevant Lordship of creation, ruling and destruction of the world in this context.


The peon is seeing the cinema along with the producer and director. The state of producer and director is meaningless to differentiate the peon and producer ejaculate director as far as the enjoyment of the cinema as a spectator is concerned. Mithya means neither true nor false. The producer ejaculate director is sitting in the hall and therefore the state of producer ejaculate director is not false. But still the state of producer ejaculate director is unnecessary and irrelevant as far as the common spectatorship is concerned. Therefore the state of producer ejaculate director is neither true nor false. Hence it is called as Mithya.


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