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Blue Pinto

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Saturday, September 18

Blue Pinto with Pallino & Astrograss

at the Staccato Lounge in Adam's Morgan


Sebastian Junger might be inclined to call this "The Perfect Lineup." Three great bands converge on Staccato on Saturday, September 18th. Pallino gets things started with their own Brit-pop influenced rock (think Radiohead meets Coldplay). Astrograss takes it from there, rolling in from NYC with their own brand of bluegrass. A little Soggy Bottom Boys, a little Travis Bickle--you get the picture, bluegrass with an attitude. Finally, Blue Pinto wraps up the whole evening, with a mix of originals and obscure covers. A fitting end to summer DC. Catch a power nap on The Mall, grab a bit to eat in Adam's Morgan, then head to Staccato! See you all there!


More info, including directions to the club can be found at www.bluepinto.com.

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