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Commercial viability of Ayurveda


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Ayurveda is no longer just a traditional medical system. It has grown in scope and potential and has been established itself as a profitable commodity in the international market.


You may frown at this remark, only if you are not a regular observer of the trends in society. With India opening up its economies in 1990sand the effects of globalization slowly reflecting in the market,many traditional industries had to get into altered garbs in order to sustain, Ayurveda too had to reinvent itself and move into new garbs called Ayurveda Medical tourism or kerala ayurveda tourism in order to accommodate itself to the changed social/economic scenario and thus to reap the benefits of globalization.


The government authorities as well those working in Ayurveda-related industries were intelligent enough to understand these facts and modify their services according to the changed scenario. The mushrooming of Ayurvedic resorts and spas across Kerala stands in testimony of it.


Byrenaming the traditional Ayurveda treatment as Ayurveda tourism andoffering tailor-made health therapies such as oil massages,panchakarma, slimming therapies etc, the State and the Ayurvedaindustry could draw more foreigners to the God's Own County. Hencewe can also say that the authorities were successful in making use ofthe commercial viability of the system to the maximum. Nowadays, thespa therapies and tailor made Ayurvedic treatments provided inresorts or five star hotels attract not only the tourists, but alsothe middle class and the upper- class strata of our locality.

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