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Chris Davis trying to internet bully Kenneth Robert Lessing Jr. Since Dec 24 2009

Guest Kenneth Robert Lessing Jr.

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Guest Kenneth Robert Lessing Jr.

from Adrienne Shipp <amshipp80@yahoo.com>

to Kenny Lessing <kennysadex@gmail.com>

date Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 7:58 PM

subject Fw: I need the pics

mailed-by yahoo.com

signed-by yahoo.com


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----- Forwarded Message ----

From: Adrienne Shipp <amshipp80@yahoo.com>

To: chrisdavisonline@gmail.com

Sent: Thu, December 24, 2009 9:15:14 PM

Subject: Re: I need the pics


have a Merry Christmas the pics are attached


From: "chrisdavisonline@gmail.com" <chrisdavisonline@gmail.com>

To: Adrienne Shipp <amshipp80@yahoo.com>

Sent: Thu, December 24, 2009 3:27:06 PM

Subject: I need the pics


Hello, how are you and family doing?


Anyway, Kenny is trying to say that he did nothing to Lindy and I'm going to send everyone the pictures and the links to his arrests, so if you would, please send me the pics again...


from chrisdavisonline@gmail.com

to Kenny Lessing <kennysadex@gmail.com>

date Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 10:31 PM

subject How?

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How does it feel to be a worthless crap bag that no body believes? Especially your probation officer... We are all building a case that is going to land your stupid coward ass back in jail for filing false reports to a federal institution... Me, Laurel Hosting, Gene Baker, Tina Morgan Donna Rich and a hell of a lot more... I told you not to doubt the D.O.D. there is pictures of you in the post office doing the insurance scams... Ys BIG Federal crime and you are gone!!!



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Guest Kenneth Robert Lessing Jr.

from chrisdavisonline@gmail.com

to kennysadex@gmail.com

date Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 9:50 AM

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hide details Jun 19


You pulled that bullcrap for the last time buddy.


I hate to tell you but I'm working for the Department of Defense and I was letting well enough alone with you and all of that childish bullcrap and even let people run ads for your sites through my sites because if it was making them money or getting them whatever they needed it was fine, but you fraked up once again as usual, I knew it was only a matter of time...


I can track anything from anywhere and if you think redirects and masking helped you, you will see soon that it didn't...


I even let Robyn Assholeberry and Dee join my site and some "stranger" that I knew who it was join as well...


Guess what, you can't bullcrap and manipulate your way out of your frak ups anymore and now you did it again.


Don't try and act stupid like you usually do you pathetic petty little man...


You will be getting a visit very fraking soon so you better get ready...


Call your buddys and all the dumbasses that believe you and your bullcrap and tell them more crap like you always do but when your ass is handed back to you, you stupid mother fraker, you will know who not to frak with...


Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about either... You have been traced and guess what? You did it while at your Mom's and they are now fraked too because of you, you fraking pathetic frak up.


You will find out exactly what I mean and I GUARANTEE it will be soon!

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Minus your post, I've seen political "Democrat" web sites try to play that game "It was infantile".


The problem with some of the web sites that I have encountered is that the owner of the web site actually had a family member in politics.


And some of those web sites are run by lawyers thinking that they are hot stuff, and some of them were the campaign managers for their family member. Dumb!Dumb!Dumb!Dumb!


< I told the family member who is in politics that what their family member was doing was really stupid, and the ONLY reason I told the ones in politics was out of Professional Courtesy. No one needs those types of stupid games.>

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