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Guest Richard Amernick

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Guest Richard Amernick

Hello Runners and Fitness Minded Individuals -


Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know about a local running group in town called DC Capital Striders. We are a nonprofit running group that offers FREE weekly runs open to runners of all ability levels. Runs are led by assistant organizers who can answer any questions you may have regarding the course, pace and distance. Runs are open to ANY runner regardless of fitness level or experience.


Check them out at www.dccapitalstriders.com where you can click on two links - either Washington DC or Northern VA runs.


Run hard, run safe and make new friends!!

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Guest Lisa Shapiro

Hi Rick,

I've always wanted to be a runner but don't know how to get started.

Can you offer some resources or advice to someone who is a couch potato but wants to get into shape?

I have heard that there are coaches out there to help people. I would greatly appreciate any information that you could provide.



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Guest Richard Amernick

Hello Lisa -


Thank you for writing! Everyone has to start somewhere so I think you are off to a good start by writing and inquiring about suggestions for beginner runners. Our group actually does have beginner runners and many runners have actually increased their endurance simply by coming out and joining the others. A few have actually become half and full marathon runners over time based on their continued interest and attendance at group runs.


You will want to go into a local running store where they can take a look at your feet and your gait. This will help you understand what type of shoe would be best for you.


You may also wish to check out some running websites like runnersworld.com that can help you with training tools and recommendations for beginners.


There are also certified coaches in the area who can also help you with training programs if you ever wished that was something that you would be interested in. I am a certified running coach as well.


Good luck and be well!


Richard Amernick

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