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Sweat Box HiNRGY Dance Playlist for Friday November 19th @ 10pm on WTNR Radio


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The SweatBox11/19 @ 10pm on wtnrradio

Catch The Party Every Friday

in 2010@ 10pm on SweatBox on WTNRRADIO


1. Ghost - Deepsky ft Jes Brieden ’Orginal Mix’

2. Sexy Thing -David Deejay Dony ’Deepside Deejays Official Remix’

3. Rapture ’Taste So Sweet’ - Iio ‘Deep Dish Remix’

4. VIP - Zayra ‘Dave Aude Club Mix’

5. We No Speak Amecicano - Yolanda Be Cool ‘Original Mix”

6. Left Outside Alone - Anastacia ‘Jason Nevins Global Club Remix’

7. People of the Night - Favretto ‘Club Mix’

8. Trick Me -Kelis - Tasty ‘E Smoove Remix’

9. Ten Miles - Infernal ‘Brasco Mix’

10. Anyway - Sherrie Lea ‘DJ Dave Mix’

11. End of the Earth - Sun ‘Tony Moran Club Mix’

12. I’ll Be Your angel - Kira

13. I’ll Fly With You - Gigi Dagostino ‘Mirco DJ Italian Remix’

14. Hold You - ATB ‘Ratty Mix’


WTNRRADIO's home page and changing your location-and

Party hours earlier OR to travel backwards! Enjoy!

Example: Its 10pm Friday night in China when it 10am

Friday morning in Washington DC or its 10pm in the UK

when its 5pm in WDC.)'Music For Music People'


The Sweat Box is produced by THE ZONE

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